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Using Nexus Doors

The Rules

As a player, Nexus doors offer you a wealth of flexibility in your gameplay. Here are the basic rules for using them:
  • Characters may only enter or exit the Nexus using some sort of door. However...

  • While the doors indicated on the hotel floor plan are permanent, other doors (including guest room doors) may appear or disappear at random. They may be any type of door, located on any fixed surface.

  • Permanent or otherwise, any door may lead to any destination you choose within time and space. A door that a moment ago lead one place may now lead somewhere else, whether that be two floors down into the Nexus kitchens, or across the universe. (Savvy guests will know to take care in opening doors, but anyone can be ambushed by one at any time.)
    • Note: All possible fictional universes are contained within our definition of time and space.

  • Doors may be locked, require a special key or special knock to open, etc. Use your imagination. Guests may get trapped on either side of a door for any period of time you choose.

  • When your character steps through a door into a different place, you may play them strictly as themselves, you may have their appearance adapt, you may play a straight AU wherein they have no memory of the Nexus and their other life, etc.

  • There are also a limited number of door options available within the Nexus that don't necessarily lead anywhere but rather change the character instead of the location. These are listed below, and may be used in tandem with destination doors.

Transformation Doors

The current doors available which change the character (as opposed to the destination) are:

Sex Switch
TAG: @: door: sexswitchCharacters change from male to female or anything in between.

Power Up/Down
TAG: @: door: powers
Characters may gain or lose any kind of powers or magic you choose.

TAG: @: door: human-nonhuman
Characters may switch between being human and being non-human.

Destination Door Ideas

The following is an ongoing list of ideas to help you brainstorm using doors. These are only a starting point; any destination is allowed.

The tag for ALL destination doors is: @: door

Ancient Egypt
Feudal Japan
Imperial Rome
The Mayflower
Medieval period
Pirate ship
Regency period
Renaissance period
The Titantic
Victorian period
World War I or II
The Wild West
Animated universes
Golden Compass universe
Halo Blood Gulch Ganyon
Highlander universe
Horror movie
Hunger Games arena
Jurassic Park
Nightmare on Elm Street dreamverse
Middle Earth
Mt. Olympus
Risa (pleasure planet)
Silent Hill
Space ship
Sucker Punch headverse
Super Mario Land
Toy Story
Amusement Park
Arctic/North Pole
Day Care
Elementary School
Las Vegas
Revisiting your own past
The Olympics
Police Procedural
Prom Night