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Setting: The Nexus Hotel

All Inclusive's Nexus Hotel is the game's central hub. All universes lead there, and it's probably where you'll be doing the bulk of your gameplay, since it's the best and quickest place for meeting new characters or throwing something a little crazy into the mix.


The Nature of the Nexus

In a small pocket universe parallel to our own there resides a very fickle hotel. As the name would suggest, the Nexus Hotel is a place of confluence: All realities have access to the Nexus and the Nexus has access to all realities.

But it's not always so simple.

The Nexus can be unpredictable at best. Characters who travel there have the benefit of luxury accommodations, a diverse and exciting group of people to interact with, and potential access to times and places they never believed possible to visit. But anytime you open a door there, you can never be entirely certain what will be on the other side.


The Nexus is a hotel of many varied and ever-changing doors. In addition to the doors in the principle floor plan, other doors of all shapes and sizes may appear at random on any wall in the hotel. Sometimes these doors lead to unusual and exciting places. Sometimes they won't open without a special key. Sometimes they disappear the moment your character touches the knob.

When you open any door at the Nexus Hotel, you may find yourself in a strange room, a strange world, back at home, or simply in another part of the hotel. The Nexus sends characters where it wants them to go, and they don't have much choice in the matter. For more details on how this works in game, please see this post.

The Main Building

Purportedly, the Nexus began life as a Gothic revival mansion before it was whisked into its pocket universe and turned into a hotel. To keep things simple, we've loosely based the Nexus on the Biltmore Estate, for which there are copious visual references available on the internet, should you need inspiration.

The floor plans were adapted from the Biltmore. Note that some areas have been left undesignated so that we might add new features at later dates. Any linked photos are strictly for inspiration and may include features that aren't always at the Nexus (such as televisions and Christmas trees).

Also please note that, given the nature of the Nexus, rooms may seem bigger than appear possible from outside the hotel.

Ground Floor

1. Grand lobby and reception/front desk
2. Conservatory
3. Billiards room
4. The Smoking Room club and bar
5. Dining hall
6. Bistro
7. Shop
8. Salon and Spa
9. Art gallery
10. Library
11. Clinic
13. Office


A full-service bar and night club, the Smoking Room is open 24 hours. In addition to drinks, customers may also order a limited assortment of "bar food": Sandwiches, appetizers, pub grub, tapas, etc. All food and drink at the Smoking Room costs money.

The Smoking Room also features a small stage for use by musical acts and performers.


Most meals will be served in the Bistro; the Dining Hall is typically reserved for special events.


The Bistro is the principle restaurant at the Nexus, and it is open from 6 AM to 10 PM. There are two options for dining here: The self-serve buffet or ordering from the menu.

The buffet features a limited selection of quality but standard fare, and is free to all guests. Ordering from the 5 star menu includes service by wait staff, and costs money. Don't forget to tip your server!


The Nexus Shop sells standard hotel shop items, including cigarettes, chewing gum and snacks, luxury personal care items, pajamas, etc. They do not sell much in the way of clothing, so if your character is stuck at the Nexus, they may need to find other options. All items in the shop cost money.


The Salon offers all standard salon services, including hair cuts, coloring, waxing, manicures, etc. Spa services are limited, and include facials, massage and the like. All salon and spa services cost money.


The hotel clinic is essentially just an office for any on-call doctors or nurses. There is only a single bed in the clinic, as most patients will be treated in their rooms. All medical supplies and medications are locked up. Medical service is free to all guests.


14. The Underground nightclub
15. Bowling alley
16. Hot tubs, steam room, changing rooms
17. Midnighter diner
18. Indoor swimming pool
19. Gym
20. Pastry kitchen
21. Rotisserie kitchen
22. Main kitchen
23, 24, 25. Kitchen storage
26. Housekeeping supplies
27. Cinema
28. Laundry
29. Gym


The Underground is the hotel's nightclub, and is open from 8:00 PM until 3:00 AM nightly. It has a spacious dance floor, a fully-stocked bar and cozy nooks to get away from the press of bodies. Its theme nights are known to be legendary. No cover charge, but drinks cost money.


The Midnighter is a mid-century style diner tucked away next to the hotel kitchens. It's open 24 hours, but business is most brisk in the wee hours when guests are leaving the Underground. Everything on the menu costs money.


There is a small screening room in the basement next to the laundry room with a digital projector. It can be playing whatever movies you want, whenever you want.

Second and Third Floor

The second and third floors house all of the hotel's guest rooms. Each floor also features a spacious living area.


Everything about the guest rooms at the Nexus is random, from your room number to the type of room itself. Due to the nature of the hotel and its changing doors, the room numbers (or names) are not always consecutive. Multiple characters may have the same room number, or even enter entirely different rooms through the same door.

The rooms themselves are also random. You may open the door to find a perfectly ordinary hotel room, but just as easily you could be faced with a room from a medieval castle, your childhood bedroom or a prison cell. A guest may have the same type of room for ages, or may find something different every time they step inside.

The only rule for guest rooms is that they must be a self-contained room. Their size and function can vary as much as you like, but they cannot be part of a bigger universe, and when you look out the windows, you can still see the Nexus grounds.

Fourth Floor/Attic

The fourth story houses the NPC staff rooms, attic storage space, and a cozy observatory with a large telescope.

Grounds, Gardens and Outbuildings

The Nexus and its extensive grounds sit upon an island that floats in the midst of space, a bit like Asgard in the Thor movies, or the floating islands in Avatar. It has its own functional atmosphere like Earth's, but the weather is as unpredictable as the hotel itself: There could be a hurricane in the back garden and perfect, sunny weather by the stables.

Features of the grounds include:
  • Stables (East)

  • Greenhouse (Northeast)

  • Chinese garden with pond (North)

  • Italian gardens with rotunda (West)

  • Large, salt water infinity pool with beach and cabanas (Far Southwest)

  • English gardens and hedge maze (South)