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Character Reservations


→ Brendan Frye

→ John Constantine

Covert Affairs
→ Annie Walker

→ Diana Prince

Doctor Who
→ Reinette Poisson

Dragon Age
→ Dorian Pavus

Harry Potter
→ Remus Lupin

House of Cards
→ Peter Russo

Law & Order: SVU
→ Rafael Barba

Magnificent Seven
→ Vasquez

→ Peggy Carter
→ Steve Rogers

Original Character
→ Daniel Cervenka
→ Brighid Sanchez

A Song of Ice and Fire
→ Jeyne Westerling

Reservations open at 12:01 AM GMT on the 15th of each month, and close at 11:59 PM GMT on the last day of the same month.


What is a reservation?

A reservation is a notification that a player intends to claim a certain character within the next claim period.

Reserving characters for claiming is REQUIRED. Reservations are only accepted between 12:01 AM GMT on the 15th of each month and 11:59 PM on the last day of the same month.

Who may place a reservation?

Anyone who has been vouched for by a current player may place a reservation, even if they do not currently play at AI. A Dreamwidth journal is required to make a reservation; we are not particular about what sort (character, personal, sockpuppet, etc), but anonymous comments are not permitted.

Please note that if you are not already playing in the game, you will be responsible for submitting your player application in addition to your character information during the next claim period. If you are not already in the game, placing a reservation is not a guarantee that you will be allowed the character. You must be approved as a player first.

How many reservations may a player have at once?

Players are allowed only TWO reservation per month/simultaneously.

How long are reservations good for?

Through the end of the following claim period. We do not grant extensions, but you may re-reserve during the following reservation period if you missed your window.

How to place a reservation

Please follow the following instructions carefully:
  1. Ensure that the character you want to reserve has not reached their three version limit. (Count the cast list here, as well as the list to the left.)

  2. Copy the form below, paste it into a comment and fill out the relevant information:

Please note that you MUST use a Dreamwidth journal to make the comment. It doesn't matter what sort. This allows you to link to your reservation when you submit your claim.