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The Skinny on Playing at AI

Most important, #1 most critical thing to always remember: Don't be a dick.

This is a sandbox, so it really shouldn't be that difficult to be chill, but truly, we won't stand for people treating other people like shit. We ask everybody to give reliable contact info so you can communicate about this fun hobby that people take too seriously, so please do that to avoid miscommunication and bruised feelings.

Please remember too that this includes being fully aware of the potential transiency of the situation -- It's a sandbox. Players are trying out new voices, dragging out old voices for a one night stand, trying new circumstances on characters they already play. Sometimes things don't click. Manage your expectations and we should all be peachy.


We allow any kind of character with two exceptions:

  • No celebrities or real people without a fictional canon
  • No non-human characters with only a little bit of sentience and/or anthropomorphism (This does not include obviously non-human characters with completely functional human-like personalities and lives such as elves, ninja turtles, or the like)

There is no cap for the number of characters a player may have in the game.

Stylistic Quirks

The rebooted, newer, friendlier AI allows virtually any style of gameplay provided it makes sense to somebody reading it. For most of us that would mean traditional prose (like fiction) or action spam (in brackets), but as long as a reader can follow what's happening, we are ok with it.

You do not have to match the style of whomever you are playing with. If you prefer action spam and they are writing in prose, you do you. Both styles are valid and help further the narrative.

Oh, and you don't need to do a formal "arrival post" unless you just happen to want to. Jump in wherever; your character can be fresh-arrived or have been coming to the Nexus for years.

What the hell is a linkdrop?

A linkdrop is an old school RP method for playing out plot locked or smutty threads in personal journals and then "dropping" the links to that gameplay on the main community. Do you have to use linkdrops? No. Do we encourage it? Yes, for several reasons, including that it ensures nobody accidentally stumbles across porny threads they don't want to see, and it makes it more immediately obvious what posts are OTAs and which aren't.

If you'd like to play out private threads, plot and/or smutty gameplay on your personal journals and then link them to the main community, the linkdrop code is on the [community profile] all_inclusive sidebar. As always, linkdrop or not, warn copiously.


AI has no AC! Hooray!

Telling Time

Ostensibly, time at the Nexus is 1:1 with real life. We will almost certainly have mingle posts/parties/events based on the current calendar. However, in terms of gameplay, do whatever you feel like. Time is mutable at the Nexus.


Everybody gets a smartphone or similar device. It can look however you like. Characters can use it to access the network, as a virtual wallet for their funds or to, gasp, make actual phone calls. If you want, it can even connect to the Nexus from other universes or vice versa.

The same thing goes for other tech that you may have appear in your character's guest room. Do what inspires you and facilitates fun.

NPC's & Crime

The hotel is staffed by NPC's. Ignore them, play with them, give them names and personalities -- We don't care.

The Nexus is a neutral zone, meaning that misdeeds which occurred outside of the Nexus are not to be held against you there. There is no crime prevention in the hotel beyond the hotel itself -- Characters who attempt to disrupt the idyllic atmosphere with violence may find swift retribution anytime they attempt to step through a doorway.

Money & Employment

Characters staying at the Nexus are guaranteed a few things for free: A personal bedroom (although the type and quality of those accommodations is subject to hotel whim), access to public areas (the pool, the stables, the cinema, etc.), personal care items (soap, bottles of shampoo, toothbrush, etc), and access to the Bistro's self-serve buffet. Everything else costs money. Characters may procure money one of two ways: Bring it over from their home universe, or get at job at the hotel.

The Nexus accepts any currency at the current value. Characters may have their currency exchanged for alternate forms of currency or hotel-wide credit at the front desk.

The hotel is run by a small army of NPCs, and your character may take any of their jobs for any length of time. If your character is qualified for a position, they may have it. (In game, your character would have gone to the hotel office to inquire about available positions.) We do not designate how much characters are paid or how often they work; that's up to you. Alternately, characters may offer their own specialized services apart from the hotel.

The Value vs. Amount Rule

Should a character carry currency with them to the Nexus from their home universe, the VALUE will remain the same but the AMOUNT may change to adjust for inflation. This is to prevent any advantage of futuristic characters or disadvantage to historical characters. Example: Say it cost $0.15 for a cup of coffee in 1965, and it costs $2.00 for a cup of coffee now. If your character is from 1965 and had $0.15 in their pocket when they left home, they'd have $2.00 when they arrived at the Nexus. They can still afford a cup of coffee, but the physical amount of cash they had has changed.