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Player Application & Character Claim Form

Applications & Claims are always open.

The Important Stuff

  • AI only accepts new player applications for players who have been vouched for by a current player. Once accepted, players may claim as many characters as they like whenever they like using the claim form at the bottom of this page.
  • Players must be 18 or older.
  • Proper grammar and spelling is crucial. One typo isn't a big deal, but many misspellings or chronic improper use of punctuation in your application or logs/prose samples is a problem.
  • The moderators reserve the right to request additional samples or clarification any portion of an application.

  • Application

    Prose/Logs samples:
    You have two options: Write a completely new example or point us to an exceptional example of your past writing. You must submit AT LEAST TWO samples, either linked or included in the body of your application form. You may submit more than 2 samples if you like. (Your samples can be new, both be previous gameplay/fic, or a combination of the two.) Please note that if you choose to link previous gameplay, we will also take the comments to the post into consideration. Writing samples may be for ANY character/combination of characters.

    Prose posts may be written in any tense you prefer, and any style you prefer (traditional prose, action spam in brackets, etc.), but they must be prose and not network or video samples. Your prose samples are EXTREMELY IMPORTANT and their context/setting should be optimal for showcasing your writing and narrative strength. Your writing should demonstrate strong paragraph and sentence formatting, grammatical correctness and a strong affinity with the character's personality.

    Network samples: Submitting network (video/text messages/etc.) samples are completely optional, but if you have something you're really proud of that you want to share to shore up your app, please do!

    Submission instructions:
    1. Copy the form below and fill it out.

    2. Paste your completed form into a comment to this post.


    The Form:

    Character Claim Form

    If you are submitting a claim form, please follow the instructions below. ONLY USE THIS FORM IF YOU ARE ALREADY IN THE GAME. Players may claim any available character on the fly anytime.

    Submission instructions:
    1. Copy the form below, fill out the requested information and paste it into a comment to this post.

    2. Request to join guest_services, all_inclusive and hotel_stationery with your character's journal.